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UK Soccer Bingo!

Everyone knows bingo, it is a game that has been part of humanity since the 16th century. Its durability is testament to the game's overall enjoyment factor. Adaptations of the game are few and far between, but there are some you can use to have a more unique experience. For example, you can utilise the bingo concept and attach it to a game of soccer in the UK, adding to your overall soccer or football betting experience.

by sarae

We will use the recent Manchester United v Arsenal game as an example. To start, draw up an American style 5x5 bingo grid and then start filling it with various scenarios that you believe will occur during the game. If you have a couple of mates round to watch the match, you can all stake some money and the first person to get a full house scoops the pot. Below are some scenarios that you may have been tempted to use from the game.

Phil Jones gurning

United's centre-back, Phil Jones, is often pictured pulling hilarious facial expressions. Having him down to gurn at some point in the match is a sure-fire way to get one step closer to the cash pot.

Arsene Wenger chewing the ear of the fourth official

In a high pressure match like this, blood levels are often high. Therefore, you can expect to see Arsene Wenger, Arsenal's manager, to be having a word in the fourth official's ear over the course of the match.

Despondent fan

Sports coverage isn't sports coverage without a fan somewhere looking dejected and, with Arsenal's troubled history at Old Trafford, you would be forgiven for thinking that you would see a crying Gunners fan at some point.

Falcao's first touch to desert him

Radamel Falcao arrived in Manchester to much fanfare. Thus far he has failed to live up to expectations. Whilst his goalscoring has been poor, what has been worse has been his lack of a first touch. Having him down to fail to control the ball is practically a certainty.

Camera pans to Sir Alex

Sir Alex Ferguson is United's greatest ever manager and is often found in the stands at Old Trafford, especially when it is a big game like Sunday's. Predicting that the camera will pick him out at some point is bound to see you crossing off a box at some point.


In the world of soccer when two players square up to each other it is termed as handbags and it is something that usually happens in every game. A smart person would make sure that they have written this down.


Sadly in the modern game, more and more players are caught out diving. However, if you have plumped for someone to dive in the match then it is no issue!

Red Card

Opting for a red card in a match can make or break your bingo game. If there is, brilliant. But if the whole 90 minutes is a rather tame affair, you'll never be able to shout "house".

There are numerous scenarios that can be used for soccer bingo. All of which add to the overall excitement of the match as there is nothing better than winning money off your mates.

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